Goals and objectives

Committee on social and economic monitoring of the Republic of Tatarstan is the executive power body which implements the managing functions in terms of formation of state information resources, monitoring of social and economic development of the Republic of Tatarstan and forms the information basis of RT executive power bodies’ activity for making management decisions.

The Committee implements the following functions:

• Formation of social and economic monitoring system in accordance with methodological recommendations of Federal state statistics service, territorial body of Federal state statistics service in Tatarstan;
• Forecasting and planning of structure and composition of monitoring together with RT Ministry of economy;
• Participation in development and implementation of state programs of development and improvement of social and economic monitoring system together with the ministries of the Republic of Tatarstan (after RT Ministry of economy and RT Ministry of finance make the decision about development of new programs in accordance with functional regulation of indicative management of Tatarstan economy);
• Formation of information and analytical base on issues of economic safety of republic, process of realization of republican target programs, social and labour sphere of republican economy, state of various economic sectors on the basis of market surveys, state of trade markets, population employment, incomes and living conditions of population, price movement for goods and services;
• Holding of works on defining the essential macroeconomic items , fulfillment of balance accounts, summary balance of financial resources circulation, evaluation of population money income in municipal formations of republic, living wage and minimal consumer budget;
• Maintenance of passports of municipal formations, managing regions by structure of rates established within state order of the Republic of Tatarstan for formation of social and economic monitoring system;
• Issue of reference bulletins and other information and analytical publications, implementation of interaction with representatives of mass media on issues within the committee’s competence;
• Development and actualization of the system of rates which characterize social and economic state of municipal formations;
• Provision of protection of information and analytical materials, observance of state and commercial secrecy, confidentiality of data;
• Implementation of single technical policy in technology of preparation and transmission of information and analytical data developed together with territorial body of Federal state statistics service in Tatarstan.


  Итоги деятельности Комитета Республики Татарстан по социально – экономическому  мониторингу за 2018 год

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